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  1. Local Search 101, Part 1

    Get listed with some specific sites that are designed just for local listings. Make sure the various HTML tags on your page include your location info where appropriate. You can also take advantage of a cool new tool,

  2. SearchDay | Use Caution When Growing Your Site

    But while web site traffic was up by 5% to retail sites . Cuil May Sound Cool But Did Not Kill Google This Year Posted by Frank Watson Dec 31, 2008 Touted as a possible Google killer when it launched July this year, Cuil has had a disappointing start.

  3. SearchDay: Awesome Ad Groups: Small is Good

    Top 10 Yellow Pages Searches According to Yellow Pages Association Posted by Nathania Johnson Aug 4, 2008 In 2007, 3.8 billion searches were conducted on yellow pages sites as well as the local listings they provide to search engines such as...

  4. Giving Links Away

    Not only did people want links to make themselves more popular, they became worried that perhaps linking out to other sites could hurt them. You could, and probably should, occasionally link out to other sites.

  5. You Can Build It, But They May Not Come

    I didn't ask friends or other bloggers or fan sites to link to it. As you sit back, somewhat exhausted, to admire what you’ve created, it might be easy to fall prey to the mentality that if it’s cool enough, people will find it and be inspired to...