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  1. Dealing With Onsite Duplicate Content Issues

    If you are using Google Webmaster Tools, log in to your account, click on Diagnostics, followed by "HTML Suggestions. Duplicity can be both onsite and offsite: Onsite duplicity is when the same content is seen on multiple pages within a website and...

  2. 4 Tools and Tips That Will Help You Be a More Analytical Marketer

    If you’ve ever sent HTML emails, you’ve probably experienced headache-inducing rendering issues across different email clients. Copy over your email’s HTML to Litmus and look for design breaks in the email clients you want to test.

  3. SEO Strategies for JavaScript-Heavy Single Page Applications or AJAX Sites

    Fallback pages are HTML pages that display if the requesting resource does not parse JavaScript. HTML 5 includes the ability to manipulate the path of the URL as seen in the browser as well as the browser history through Javascript.