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How High Up Jill Whalen

  1. Is Your IT Department the Department of SEO Prevention?

    Although I conducted this interview with Jill Whalen, the CEO of HighRankings, in February at SES London 2009, I've been saving it for April Fool's Day. Jill Whalen, HighRankings, on building better relationships between marketing and IT

  2. SEO copywriting tips from Jill Whalen of High Rankings

    And one of the SEO experts speaking at that search engine conference was Jill Whalen, the CEO of High Rankings. Copywriting: High Rankings Jill Whalen Jill is also the founder of the popular High Rankings Search Engine Optimization Forum, the...

  3. Do We Need Educational Standards For Learning SEO?

    Meanwhile, Jill Whalen argues for the other side of the coin. Aside from the difficulty in pinning down the aforementioned flux, there's also the issue of the SEM practitioners who want their "trade secrets" high on a shelf like Grandma hiding her...

  4. Standards Is A Dirty Word For Search Marketers

    In the past week Jill Whalen of High Rankings outlined why we should not or cannot standardize search marketing, stating "Industry market forces and the search engines themselves will eventually dictate what best practices are and are not.

  5. SEO Training: Live and In-Person

    Jill Whalen, CEO of High Rankings, is the instructor for these beginner-to-intermediate SEO-only classes. High Rankings Training Over at High Rankings, they take personalized to a new level. Would you say your chances of learning more increased?

  6. Chasing Search Engine Algorithms: Wisdom or Folly?

    Jill Whalen, of High Rankings, believes that many marketers are looking for a cookie-cutter approach—a single recipe to follow—a silver bullet. Unfortunately, search engine optimization is not a paint-by-numbers process," cautioned Jill.