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  1. Is Google Sucking the Life Out of Your Identity? Are They Alone?

    The Justice Department certainly hasn't been bashful about asking various search engines and social media platforms to share privileged data before – even without a warrant. We can't follow up, close a deal or upsell to a shadow.

  2. Government SEO is Broken

    Taking the Department of Justice as an example, a well-crafted search keyword strategy might look like the following - this is just an excerpt of what would be a list with potentially hundreds of search keywords:

  3. Will Yahoo Torch its Search Deal With Microsoft, Outsource Search to Google?

    This attracted the attention of the Department of Justice, and Google pulled out of the deal later that year over broader antitrust concerns and fear of being labeled a “monopolist”. Google and Yahoo struck their first search deal back in 2000, and...

  4. 'The Power of Google' Senate Hearing is Must Watch TV Today

    CEO Rich Skrenta noted that the products Apple has brought to market have done far more damage to Microsoft than the Department of Justice lawsuit they faced in the 1990s. Let’s let entrepreneurs, technology and good old-fashioned innovation deal...

  5. Google FTC Antitrust Probe Rumors Emerge as ITA Verdict Nears

    Federal Trade Commission antitrust investigation after the Justice Department completes its review of Google's acquisition of travel software developer ITA Software and determines whether to challenge or impose restrictions on the deal, Bloomberg...

  6. DOJ Antitrust Chief Recuses Herself From Google ITA discussions

    Justice Department's top antitrust official, recused herself from the proceedings. Companies working in the travel industry are claiming Google's purchase of ITA could cause problems for them - allowing Google to deal directly with the airlines...

  7. Sponsored webinar: Strengthening the defences

    For example, in the US, the Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force, an inter-agency group led by the Department of Justice, was recently created by an executive order by President Barack Obama to strengthen efforts to combat financial crime.

  8. Microsoft/Yahoo! Deal Passes Regulatory Hurdles, Now Turns to Implementation

    Department of Justice and the European Commission for their search deal announced last summer. If this deal is implemented properly, then search marketers may indeed get more traffic for those conversions that they're loving in small portions.