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  1. Facebook Acquires Gowalla, Tests Negative Feedback Feature, Expands in NYC

    During August, Facebook's partnership with Nielsen culminated with a new so-called Gross Rating Point for online advertisers. Gowalla co-founder Josh Williams revealed the deal in a post on the company's official blog.

  2. As Twitter Hits New Milestone, CEO Talks Google, Search, Apple, IPO, Privacy

    He is hopeful about their Apple partnership, while talks with Google about a renewed deal to show Tweets in SERPs seem to have stalled. Costolo: Apple Partnership is “Going to be a Big Deal” Expired Google/Twitter Deal May Not Renew

  3. Bada Bing! It’s Baidu Bing – English Search Marketing In China

    Microsoft’s Bing, along with Baidu, recently announced a partnership that aims to fill that gap. I can see the win-win situation that the Baidu-Bing relationship provides in its current state and I’m excited about learning more about the developing...