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How Deal Microsoft Aquantive

  1. Who Will Cry for the Newbies?

    Microsoft bought aQuantive, Google bought DoubleClick, and we were off to the races. Most of the tools offered by search sites aren't targeted to experts or large advertisers who have a great deal of experience working in the online advertising world.

  2. Google Gets Out of the SEO Business

    So that only leaves one major search engine who's also in the SEO business: Microsoft, which acquired Avenue A | Razorfish and its SEO business with the aQuantive acquisition. Google is getting itself out of a somewhat sticky situation by deciding...

  3. Paid Search Advertising Drives Microsoft Bid for Yahoo

    Microsoft's acquisition of DrivePM, for example, through the Aquantive acquisition was immaterial to MSN search and online advertising revenues. Some reports had attributed Microsoft's urgency to close a Yahoo deal to Google's successful bid for...

  4. FTC approves Google's acquisition of DoubleClick

    Google's announcement also noted several recent acquisitions by their competitors, including: "Yahoo's acquisition of Right Media; AOL's acquisition of ADTECH AG and TACODA; WPP Group's acquisition of 24/7 Real Media; and Microsoft's $6 billion...

  5. Yahoo Closes Right Media Deal

    Of the remaining big-name acquisitions announced this spring, Google-DoubleClick and Microsoft-aQuantive are still awaiting regulatory approval, and the WPP-24/7 Real Media acquisition closed earlier this month.