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  1. YouTube Case Study: Ceilume’s “Ask the Ceiling Tile Guy”

    as well as “DIY to the Rescue”, “Man Caves” and “House Crashers” on the DIY Network. Target the DIY and How-to categories on YouTube with inVideo ads. And I’ve just devoured the “Ask the Ceiling Tile Guy” videos on Ceilume’s channel.

  2. SEW Experts: Link Building: DIY In-House vs. Outsourced

    In today's Link Love column, "Link Building: DIY In-House vs. A white hot debate started last week when Justilien Gaspard presented five reasons to take link building in-house. Outsourced," Justilien responds to reader comments and continues the in...

  3. SEO Is Easy...and Hard

    PJ Fusco offers some tips for in-house search marketers on how to go about making it work in her latest ClickZ column, DIY SEO. Reduced to its simplest form, SEO is a four-step process: set some ground rules; get your site right; post some great...