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  1. 2013 Search Year in Review with Bing, Yahoo &

    I wouldn’t call it a holiday, but it’s definitely a place people went to in 2013, with “Facebook” topping the charts in Bing’s social search query list, along with several other web destinations: Other top destinations:

  2. Tom Brady vs. Eli Manning: Brady Searches Top Google, Yahoo

    Brady’s punt during the playoff game against the Denver Broncos was also off the charts on Google, taking the top two spots for rising Google searches in the past 30 days. Other hot searches included “funny Super Bowl commercials,” “cost of Super...

  3. Search Engine Marketing Articles

    I generally don't need bar charts and projections to tell me about growth. Despite the headline, this article's charts show search spending continuing to rise -- as I would well expect it to. Some more bar charts for those who want numbers on the...