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  1. Kiss Your Ads Goodbye: How Net Neutrality May Impact Content & Advertising

    Net neutrality has been the topic of hot debate and discussion for years. One could argue that the discussion around Net Neutrality has been designed to be so boring and complex that ordinary consumers and entrepreneurs tune it out.

  2. Pick Up on Current Events for Link Building

    Once a hot topic emerges, everybody wants their piece of the action. Everybody wants their piece of the action once you've created a new hot-topic. Giving your website an active role in current events is a lot more efficient than creating the media...

  3. Facebook Aims to Restrict Gun Sales With New Rules

    The change to the company's gun policy comes hot on the heels of a VentureBeat investigation where they discovered that anyone, including children and those without proper identification, could purchase a firearm through Facebook in just 15 minutes.

  4. So Why Did All Those Movie Sites Lose Google Search Traffic?

    There are many sites that embed videos because it is some hot content, even some of it does get hold of a later date. On February 14, people were noticing fluctuations in rankings, but some webmasters were reporting that there didn't seem to be any...