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Homework Day

  1. Future of Paid Search: Think Target Audiences, Not Just Keywords

    Your homework assignment is to think about the targeting methods available, and choose the target audiences. Time of day, location, device and remarketing status are pretty big buckets. Now let's add the time of day (and keep it simple again): when...

  2. How to Make Sure Check-Ins Don’t Check Out: Five Location-Based Marketing Tips

    Do your homework and check out the top platforms (Foursquare, Gowalla, Facebook Places, Yelp) and see if your target audience is using them. Not every business has the ability to be Gap and drive customers to stores with the allure of free denim on...

  3. Welcome to Your Google-Branded Life

    Your son needs help with his homework. Getting on with your day, you open up Google Calendar to check your schedule and then it's back to GMail for a look at Tasks you need to tackle. Those labs from your doctor's visit the other day are in.