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  1. How to Implement an Engaging Content Marketing Plan for the Finance Industry

    Resources pertaining to life insurance, obtaining a mortgage, and many more A continuous video series on how to save money for a new home and how to get a loan for that home when the time comes. But it need not be that way.

  2. Google Driverless Cars ‘Shockingly’ Safe & Efficient [Infographic]

    Google’s driverless cars are “shockingly” safe, says a Bellevue, Washington insurance company, with only two crashes on record - and both with a human at the wheel. Aptus Insurance compiled a forward-looking infographic to demonstrate the potential...

  3. A Few Lessons I Learned About Online Writers Down on the Content Farm

    Some had a tendency to keyword stuff to the point of destroying the piece for human eyes, but they went after topics like insurance and mortgages to get the highest CPC and ranking. But the great thing for content farms is that there are many more...

  4. How Google Makes Its Billions: The 20 Most Expensive AdWords Keyword Categories

    Insurance keywords are the most searched for on Google, making insurance the most expensive category on Google AdWords and the top PPC money-maker for Google. Bidding on insurance keywords can cost advertisers up to $55 per click, according to a...