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  1. Google April Fools' Pranks 2013: YouTube Closing, Google Nose, Gmail Blue & More!

    Doctor's Office - Latex and sterile metal Printer paper - The freshness of a new start, or an office supply store Halloween - Candy corn and/or pennies in a cardboard box Unattended litter box - Distinct boquet of ammonia with an earthy undertone

  2. Beyond Google: Tap Into the Alternative Search Engine Data Opportunity

    Tablets are used outside these hours and mobile is used outside the home and the office. Companies should start thinking of their site or e-commerce online store as three different stores: one in your home, another in your office, and a third that...

  3. 2010 Search Predictions: The Experts Weigh In

    As Google's various products continue to penetrate the enterprise (Google Apps), the home office (Google Docs, Gmail, Chrome), and academia (Google Edu), its brand will inevitably become associated with software delivered via the cloud.

  4. SES New York is a Search Expo as well as an SEM Conference

    The company blends best-in-class digital marketing services - including paid search, search engine optimization, Web development, social media, mobile, research and analytics - to create integrated digital marketing programs that engage consumers...

  5. Google Scholar and Medicine; Infotrieve's ArticleFinder Database is Now Free

    While much of the material in ArticleFinder is on the technical side of the aisle, don't forget that many public libraries offer great access (24x7x365) to thousands of full text article from journals and newspapers (licensed for personal use) for...