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Holiday Google Doodles

  1. Audrey Hepburn Google Doodle Celebrates Actress, Philanthropist

    You can see some alternative Hepburn Doodles and sketches here. The British actress won the Best Actress Oscar award at the 26th Academy Awards in 1954 for Roman Holiday. A Google Doodle today features legendary actress Audrey Hepburn, best known...

  2. Interactive 4th of July 2013 Google Doodle Takes You on a Road Trip Across America

    Speaking of past Google Doodles, here's a look back at all of Google's July 4th holiday celebrations dating back to 2000. The first year - 2000 - Google actually ran a series over the course of a few days with characatures of the Founding Fathers...

  3. Valentine’s Day Ferris Wheel Google Doodle Searches for a Perfect Match

    Like many recent Google Doodles, today's Ferris Wheel logo is interactive. Google rolled out two different Doodles in 2009. Here's a look back at how Google has celebrated Valentine's Day through the years (note: Google didn't post holiday logos in...

  4. 4th of July Google Doodle Was Made For You and Me

    Just as barbecues and fireworks have become tradition on this date, so too have holiday Google Doodles. More Google Doodles The Fourth of July is the second longest holiday honored by Google in the U.S.via special logos.

  5. Google Doodle Honors Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

    Google has also added some notes on the two most recent Doodles on their newly revamped Google Doodles website. Day in the United States, is honoring the holiday and legacy of the preacher of nonviolent activism with a special Google Doodle.

  6. Google Celebrating Children and Children's Stories With Doodles Worldwide

    Turkey claims that the actual Children's Day holiday originated in their country. Google Doodle logos are popping up in various Google sites around the world. A unique Google Doodle appeared on Google Russia.

  7. Google Doodles: Vaclav Ctvrtek, Children's Day

    Hong Kong has celebrated this day since 1931, but this is the first year it will be celebrated as a public holiday in Taiwan. Google has posted a Doodle on Google Czech Republic today in honor of a fairy tale writer, while Google Hong Kong and...

  8. St. Patrick's Day 2011 Logos: Google Ireland, Bing, DuckDuckGo & More

    Patrick's Day 2011 Logos: Google Ireland, Bing, DuckDuckGo More Cool Google Doodles Patrick's Day holiday-themed Google logo. Patrick's Day Google Doodle and special logos from other search engines. Will Eisner Birthday Google Doodle Celebrates the...