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  1. Who is Behind the Successful PR Campaign Poking Holes in Google's Search Quality?

    Amit Singhal, Google Fellow, announced on the Official Google Blog that Google had developed an algorithmic solution which detected DecorMyEyes "along with hundreds of other merchants that, in our opinion, provide an extremely poor user experience.

  2. Google Search Results Fixed, Public Relations Nightmare Over

    In a post on the Official Google Blog entitled, "Being bad to your customers is bad for business," Amit Singhal, Google Fellow, said yesterday, "We were horrified to read about Ms. And Singhal's public statement that "being bad is, and hopefully...

  3. Google On User Intent in Search Queries

    Google Fellow Amit Singhal is at the helm of the Official Google blog again and wrote about efforts Google makes to help searchers find what they're looking for. Singhal also says that Google knows when Dr means doctor and when it means drive, and...

  4. Google Shares Three Ranking Philosophies

    Writing on the Official Google blog, Amit Singhal, a Google Fellow on the Core Ranking Team, defines Google ranking: Singhal also emphasized philosophy #3 - that Google does not hand edit results. What do you think of Singhal's explanation of...