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High Speed Internet

  1. 4 Simple Ways to Use Web Analytics for Smarter CRO Testing

    The difference between a hapless testing plan and a clear map to winning the Internet through CRO all comes down to the quality of your insights and knowing how to use them. The basic Internet math of "traffic * conversion rates = conversions" goes...

  2. Global Mobile Advertising Opportunities: Brazil. Russia, India & China

    Mobile online marketing is developing at a higher speed to keep up with the growing audience who'd rather use their device then head into Internet cafes. It was projected that 5 million tablets would be purchased in 2013 and that about 67 million...

  3. Gaining Publicity With Social Talk Shows: Google+ Hangouts and Twitter Chats

    For the more extroverted and social video savvy brand reporters, Google+ makes it possible for anyone with a web cam, Google+ account and high speed Internet connections can turn any moment into an instant on-air collaboration or pseudo talk show.

  4. SES New York Keynote Speaker Says Internet is TV’s Best Friend

    The Internet didn’t kill TV! According to Mike Proulx, the Internet has become TV’s best friend. He has spent the last 17 years working at various interactive, high-tech, and new media companies on the agency-side, client-side, and as an entrepreneur.

  5. How Google’s Mobile Best Practices Can Slow Your Site Down

    This helps with ISP (Internet Service Provider) caching and is another signal for Googlebot and our algorithms to discover and understand your website's configuration. Most websites depend on a CDN because they can serve content faster by having...

  6. Panda, Fresher Results, Spelling Top Google’s January 2012 Search Updates

    Previously Google has disabled Instant for people with a slow Internet connection. Google’s “high quality sites” algorithm) received a “minor” update in January. Google will now detect your computer’s speed and shut Instant off automatically.

  7. Tools to Monitor Online Reputation Across Different Languages

    There’s no doubt the Internet has provided unprecedented opportunities and opened new markets. But the downside is the speed with which misinformation and rumors can spread, making reputation management an extremely tricky business.