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Hebrew Language

  1. Asian, Arabic and Russian Characters In Domains Soon: What Does It Mean

    Considering it is known as the "World Wide web", the internet's reliance on the English language has long been maligned as a hangover from the web's beginnings as a communications tool for the US characters are expected to be added...

  2. SearchDay | What Should You Do When You Get Canned?

    Facebook Expands to Hebrew and Arabic; Bebo Expands to Latino Community Posted by Nathania Johnson Mar 12, 2009 Facebook has expanded to include the Hebrew and Arabic languages. Google GeoTargeting Patents Show Influence of Language, Location...

  3. Google Translate Adds 11 Languages

    Hebrew The total number of languages is now 34 and the total number of language pair combinations nearly doubled from 506 to 1122. Google has added 11 languages to its Translate product. They are: Catalan