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  1. Google CEO Larry Page Suffers From Rare Voice Health Issue

    Despite extensive examination, the doctors never identified a cause — though there was speculation of virus-based damage from my cold. Again, after a thorough examination, the doctors weren’t able to identify a cause.

  2. Google+: Apps Support, Sergey Brin's Addiction, Real Names and Identity Provider Accreditation

    For example, the requirement that doctors input medical record information as opposed to the patients themselves was a productivity killer, he said. Overall, he doesn’t feel that health care is primarily a technology issue; don’t expect to see...

  3. Google CEO Maps Missions, Stays on Message

    Ultimately, it appears some editorial decisions need to get made in such hard cases, such as the placement of a site that lists abortion doctors and their addresses along with the statement "This is not a site to encourage you to kill them.Despite...