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  1. Google as Your Identity Provider: Where Are We Now?

    But it’s not only the Federal Government; there were six NSTIC pilot programs approved all in a variety of verticals including ecommerce, health, education, even the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles.

  2. Going Global: Localize Your Message for Holiday Retail Traffic

    The department store offers womens wear, mens wear, childrens wear, home, and health and beauty products. Now, German shoppers are increasingly turning to a British department store when they shop. Retailers widely recognize the benefits of...

  3. Real Names: Google+, Government & The Identity Ecosystem

    Oh and that the agency that is entrusted with overseeing this venture, according to the document, is the Department of Commerce. Sure, you can go without solid food, but after a while it is going to affect your health.

  4. Google Pays $500M to Avoid DOJ Prosecution on Drug Ads

    The Department of Justice will continue to hold accountable companies who in their bid for profits violate federal law and put at risk the health and safety of American consumers," James Cole, deputy attorney general, said in a statement.

  5. Health Search Wars: Bing Enhances Results While Google Expands Flu Trends

    The ratings come from the US Department for Health and Human Services. Bing has updated its health search results to assist in navigating to specific information that you'll find useful. Here's what a search for hypothyroidism on the enhanced...

  6. Welcome to Your Google-Branded Life

    Then you check the Google Sites intranet to get updates on your department and the company. You check them in your Google Health records. Your alarm goes off. On your Android phone. You turn it off, roll over and check your GMail before dragging...

  7. Online Consumer Spending Drops in February 2009

    Department stores were hit hard by a 13% drop in shopping cart sessions and a near 10% drop in order sessions. However, department stores did an excellent job of appealing to a smaller group of consumers, reporting increases of 2% and 13.4% in the...

  8. SearchDay | Where's The ROI?

    Google, Yahoo Trying to Work It Out with the DOJ Posted by Nathania Johnson Oct 14, 2008 Google and Yahoo are attempting to avoid an antitrust lawsuit by working with Department of Justice on their search advertising partnership, according to the...

  9. GenieKnows Its Verticals

    Zone Search, which was developed in-house by GenieKnows' research and development department, was designed with travelers in mind, specifically business people who don't necessarily know their way around an area.