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  1. Remarketing Lists for Search Ads: 4 Smart Strategies

    This strategy is a good starting point for almost any advertiser where repeat customers make up a large proportion of their sales. Somebody saw something compelling enough in your messaging before to click your ad or otherwise visit your site.

  2. 3 Keys to Activating an Audience with Smarter Content

    The best sales people are incredible story tellers. The holy grail of content marketing is to make the process as predictable, repeatable, and scalable as the 30-second television spot or the banner ad without giving up the organic authenticity...

  3. Flu Shots & Symptoms: The Winter 2013 Outbreak of PPC Spending

    Consumers are also already in the pharmacy when they are being diagnosed, so this is a benefit for sales as well. In December 2012, Ask ran an ad that was promoting a service to locate flu shots. Other websites such as the Center for Disease...

  4. Unruly Launches Tool to Predict ‘Shareability’ of Video Ads

    With Nielsen finding that 92 percent of consumers trust peer recommendations (Global Trust in Advertising Survey) and research from McKinsey stating that “a high-impact recommendation from a trusted friend conveying a relevant message is up to 50...