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  1. Learning to Carry Your SEO Baggage

    At one point they may have been the reason for your top placement for your favorite head terms. The new domain name may cover some sins for a little while, but eventually they could rear their ugly head and make problems for the new domain.

  2. Bloomberg and UBS clash over Sef aggregation

    It sparked an immediate response from Rana Chammaa, head of rates and credit derivative agency trading sales at UBS. Tensions between the two firms first became public in June this year, when Paul Hamill, head of execution services at UBS in New...

  3. Softer NSFR may not save repo, banks warn

    Speaking at a Risk conference in Stockholm in May, one bank executive claimed the issue had caused a rift within the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision: "When we have talked to regulators at the Basel Committee about this, it's quite clear...

  4. Buy side attacks Isda early termination protocol

    Michael O'Brien, global head of trading at Eaton Vance in Boston, says Isda did not invite his firm to join the working group or seek his view on the matter. Lawyers and funds allege lack of consultation in crucial too-big-to-fail fix

  5. Hedge funds ‘cannot be too paranoid' on reputational risk

    A head start can often be gained by identifying the risks to reputation in advance in order to mitigate the threat. Lawyer advises counter-strike against dirty tricks campaigns As every hedge fund manager knows, where there's money there's...

  6. Looking back: El Niño boosts weather derivatives

    George Carrick, head of structured products trading at Kansas-based Koch Industries, says a large number of enquiries are coming from US fuel oil and propane distributors wanting to hedge the risk of a warm winter reducing demand for their products.

  7. Smart beta indexes gain currency with Asian investors

    Charles Firth, Hong Kong-based head of equity derivative structuring Asia at Credit Suisse, says these high-profile failures have negatively impacted demand across all asset classes. Konrad Sippel, Frankfurt-based global head of business...

  8. Liquidity concerns still haunt Ficc

    There has been a step change in liquidity in the markets," says the head of forex at one US bank. The worries are due to the changes brought by regulations such as the Dodd-Frank Act, which resulted in a two-tier market in fixed income by creating...

  9. Risk premium strategies favoured over beta commodity indexes

    However, the trend was short-lived, as commodities slumped throughout the summer, now showing negative returns for the year, with the S the country that usually drives commodity prices, according to Kevin Norrish, London-based head of commodity...

  10. "Europeans are the problem" in CCP oversight standoff

    CME Group's Cutinho agreed, saying that they have placed their capital close to the head of the risk waterfall, immediately behind the capital of the defaulting counterparty and junior to non-defaulting parties to align interests.

  11. Asia Risk Congress 2014 – photogallery

    Charles Firth, head of equities derivatives structuring Asia-Pacific at Credit Suisse, led a panel looking at innovation in equity derivatives – an area which has been fertile ground for new ideas in the past 18 months but which has suffered from...

  12. New head for Australian anti-money laundering unit

    Senior Australian crime fighter Paul Jevtovic will take over as head of the country's anti-money laundering unit from November 17, Australian justice minister Michael Keenan said last week. Appointment signals new direction for unit, says minister

  13. Poor liquidity stalls long-dated Thai derivatives market

    The introduction of RBC has highlighted this mismatch risk between the assets and the liabilities," says Sutee Mokkhavesa, Bangkok-based head of risk and strategy at Muang Thai Life Assurance. As the Thai market picks up and starts to shift, and...