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Hard Rock International

  1. Bricks & Mortar Brands Still Reluctant About Mobile Marketing

    In conversation with senior marketing executives from established bricks and mortar brands, Hard Rock International (US), Mall of America, Oxfam America, New Jersey Nets, McDonald's Corporation and the survey found that when it comes to...

  2. Energy strategy remains promising for hedge funds despite its volatility

    These are reserves that are hard to access or difficult to drill where the gas is held in tight structures where the porosity is low and the source rock has to be fractured to let out the gas. In addition analysts say the geological expertise built...

  3. Best-laid plans

    Was Northern Rock systemic? Whatever supervisory or systemic framework is put in at the regional or international level - and I do agree that's necessary - it is not going to be about the day-to-day supervision of banks.

  4. A capital offence

    Eight days before it was nationalised, Northern Rock had a total capital adequacy ratio of 14.4%, nearly double the 8% required by the Financial Services Authority, in line with Basel II guidelines. Attention must also be paid to alternative...