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  1. Is Your Paid Search Campaign Part of a Mix or a Mess?

    Why we all overestimate Techmeme's influence, Guardian Unlimited However, studying the relationship between “other media” and paid search campaigns can sometimes lead to counter-intuitive findings. No hard and fast rules exist that say “Raise your...

  2. Newsknife finds dramatic changes in Google News ratings

    Guardian Unlimited, UK Guardian Unlimited, UK As evidence, Newsknife pointed to "the other remarkable feature of our September-to-date ratings: the rise of non-wire-service site Guardian Unlimited. On August 31, 2007, Google announced that it would...

  3. Newsknife names top news sites of 2006

    Guardian Unlimited, UK The folks at Newsknife have just announced the Top News Sites of 2006. Their list is compiled by analyzing a sample of 438,330 individual site listings at Google News by 4504 sites for 1768 news items during year.