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Gross Profit

  1. Google vs. the World: A Week of Conflicts, Disputes, and Lawsuits

    Their video focuses on how much (and why) Google will profit from this deal, how much Google knows about everyone, and includes a couple of CEO Eric Schmidt's creepier quotes. Last week, Google was accused of a "gross invasion of privacy" and...

  2. Technology sector buoyant with opportunity

    Howarth says this demonstrates a “powerful profit growth story”.A company like that is clearly showing evidence of growing much more quickly than most other alternatives in the market. Philip Pearson, co-manager of GLG’s technology fund, says the...

  3. A model approach

    By contrast, financial institutions that applied a wide range of measures - including notional amounts of gross and net positions, as well as profit-and-loss reporting - alongside more qualitative assessments of risk had greater insight into...

  4. Islamic inroads

    One is an effort to create a derivatives master agreement for commodity murabaha (cost-plus-profit financing) profit rate swaps, which is likely to be the first global standard contract for Islamic over-the-counter derivatives transactions.

  5. Show Me the Money: Bidding for Profitability

    If your product price is $35.00, and your gross profit on a sale is $20.00, then you might set your maximum cost per conversion to be $10.00 to allow for a net profit of $10.00.gross profit / 2 = $10 CPA (cost per conversion)

  6. When Being First Isn't Worth It

    The AdGooroo data, which uses a more precise measurement model than CPA, showed that positions two and three are the best position from a profit perspective, and that positions four, five, six, and seven would net less profit for the advertiser.

  7. Tracking and Measuring Search Engine Marketing Success

    DoubleClick's DART DoubleClick's DART paid placement and advertising ROI tracking tool generates web-based reports on cost per click, number of clicks, overall media cost, conversion rates...