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Gross Margin

  1. European refineries face difficult times

    BP reported its gross margin for northwest Europe at $3.26/bbl in 2009, a drop of more than 50% from $6.72/bbl in 2008. Shell’s refining marker industry gross margin on a barrel of Brent crude in Rotterdam stood at $3.35/bbl for the first quarter...

  2. Islamic inroads

    They have also introduced the product as a liquidity-management tool where corporates can park their short-term surplus funds - in foreign currencies as well - so the corporate can earn a pre-agreed margin on a deferred day.

  3. When Being First Isn't Worth It

    Better still, feed your PPC management tool real gross margin numbers (sale price minus manufacturing and delivery costs) minus the cost for each particular conversion. The folks at AdGooroo recently released a report with some interesting findings...