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Grocery Stores

  1. Top Manufacturers of Consumer Goods Using PPC for Brand Awareness

    Companies that sell CPG do so through third parties like grocery stores, not usually direct to the consumer. Some of the top manufacturers of consumer packaged goods (CPG) – those products like soda, candy, liquor, and toothpaste – are using paid...

  2. Facebook-Datalogix Partnership to Track Offline Purchases by 100 Million+ Households

    Concern over these cards spurred the creation of advocacy group Consumers Against Supermarket Privacy Invasion and Numbering (C.A.S.P.I.A.N.which argues that grocery stores falsely inflate prices for those not participating in the programs and...

  3. 4 Opportunities to Successfully Optimize the Full Conversion Funnel

    Think of times you stood and stared at the cereal aisle in the grocery store, couldn’t decide and left! Maybe you want them to view a list of stores in their area. In search engine marketing we often speak of “levers” that we push or pull in order...

  4. Extreme Couponing: Searching for the Deals

    For example, P products at the grocery store as long as this couponing flexibility drives more overall purchases of their brands, but Macy’s would much prefer you do all of your department store shopping within their store than splitting your time...

  5. Top 10 Search Terms in 10 Categories, September 2008

    Search Volume consumer reports coupons holiday inn mycokerewards motel 6 free samples carnival cruise disneyland free stuff holiday inn express grocery coupons disney world my coke rewards royal caribbean...

  6. Link Building with Customers, Part 2

    Think of how many discount/membership cards people carry around that range from grocery stores to DVD rentals. This applies to all kinds of local businesses, such as day spas and e-commerce shoe stores.

  7. Link Building via Word-of-Mouth

    The conversation could take place at a variety of venues: from dinner parties and grocery stores, to e-mail, social media sites, discussion boards, or IM. Is your company taking advantage of word-of-mouth marketing (WOMM)?