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  1. Google Bringing Wind-Powered Data Center to Oklahoma

    Environmental group Greenpeace is heralding the move as a positive step for corporate data centers. Google's announcement today shows what the most forward-thinking, successful companies can accomplish when they are serious about powering their...

  2. Daily SearchCast, July 27, 2006: Daily SearchCast's First Birthday!; Microsoft Hires 10,000; Baidu Cuts HP Deal; Google Ranking Changes; Google: The Musical & More!

    Greenpeace France overlaid an X in the spot of those corn fields. Greenpeace argues the online maps should not be censored because an EU law requires the French government to make the crop site information public anyway," Xeni Jardin of...

  3. Friday the 13th, via Greenpeace

    I was on vacation when we had Friday the 13th last week, but wanted to share this viral nightmare scenario film, courtesy of Greenpeace. Non-profits are getting really, really good at online viral marketing.

  4. The Search Engine Update, July 15, 2002, Number 129

    then push a button at TouchGraph and you'll get a very cool-looking graph showing lots of sites similar to Greenpeace. Or, search for Greenpeace on Google (no need to remember the URL), then click on the Similar Pages link under its description...