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Green Bay Packers

  1. Ask's Top Question in 2011: Was Kim Kardashian's Wedding Fake?

    Green Bay Packers win Super Bowl second year in a row Sometimes insightful and often hilarious, the lists give an overview of the topics and terms on the minds of millions in the U.S.and beyond. We've already looked at the top searches on Bing and...

  2. The NFL & Fantasy Football: A Match Made in Search Heaven

    As an interesting sidebar, the Dallas Cowboys tend to be the most searched for team every season, although something as trivialas winning the Super Bowl and the Cowboys missing the playoffs at least allowed the Green Bay Packers a brief moment in...

  3. Twitter, Foursquare Set Records During Super Bowl

    Super Bowl XLV between the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers attracted record television ratings, but Twitter and Foursquare also achieved some major milestones during the big game. However, it must be noted that Usher was more tweeted...

  4. Super Bowl Commercials 2011: Volkswagen Still Favored to Win

    As for the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers, they are expected to play some football in between the Super Bowl commercials. In the past 24 hours, several more advertisers have uploaded their Super Bowl commercials to YouTube.

  5. 2011 Super Bowl Predictions: 'Volkswagen Commercial: The Force' Beats 'Audi - Goodnight Commercial'

    Tomorrow, many people will be watching Super Bowl XLV to see if the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Green Bay Packers. But Nielsen Sports media research says close to 50 percent of viewers will actually watch the commercials more than they watch the...

  6. The Year in Search: A 2007 Review

    Green Bay Packers A handful of search engines compiled the top searches for the year in several categories. Recaps from Google, Yahoo, AOL, Ask, and Lycos highlight the trends that came and went over the course of 2007.