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  1. 25 banks fail ECB stress check on financial health

    Three Greek banks were also found short, though one – Piraeus Bank – has since raised enough to satisfy supervisors. Finances still need to be fixed across the EU, tests find Twenty-five eurozone banks failed stress tests designed to check their...

  2. Google & Yahoo Reveal the Most Searched For Halloween Costumes of 2013

    According to Google, the most popular kid costumes this year are: kids cat costume toddler cat costume minnie mouse toddler costume creative toddler costume greek kid costumes mickey mouse toddler costume mario toddler costume monster high...

  3. Nicolaus Copernicus Animated Google Doodle Models Heliocentric Solar System

    Ancient Greek astronomer Aristarchus of Samos is credited as the first to identify the sun as the center of the solar system, and Johannes Kepler would later follow (and correct) Copernicus’ work, proving that the planets orbits were elliptical...

  4. How to Create ‘Passion Pieces’ That Inspire People to Link

    One of the best quotes I’ve heard on this comes from a Greek philosopher, Zeno of Citium around 300 BC. Some of the most important pages in telling a client’s story are as dull as dishwater – and without an iota of passion.

  5. ROPE: 4 Essentials for Global Integrated Digital Marketing

    It’s not enough to add some fresh content about the Parthenon to a Greek site. The definition of integrated marketing continues to evolve beyond simple channels – toward device, geography, and increasingly complex segments.

  6. Macy’ Demonstrate Ways to #Fail with Your Country Selector

    When she tried to interpret, the American dude yelled at her and said, “We didn’t come all the way over here so you could speak Greek to me. When I was living in Europe in the 90s, I remember sitting in a Greek Café in my Uncle’s town outside of...

  7. Basel Committee's new liquidity ratios causing a stir

    Fears persist about a restructuring of Greek debt and contagion across the eurozone. Unintended consequences are almost inevitable when weighty new regulations come into force, even if those rules are enacted with the best of intentions and seem...

  8. CDS lessons from the emerging markets

    Exaggerating the failings of the old administration, apparently for domestic political gain, two senior officials insisted the country was facing a Greek-style debt crisis and warned a default was not out of the question.

  9. Questioning collateral

    Collateral managers across the market have been asked the question ‘from whom have we taken Spanish or Greek government securities as collateral? The amount of debt racked up by various European countries has caused some to predict a restructuring...

  10. Surviving skew

    The dislocations followed continued concerns about the risk of a restructuring of Greek debt, wider contagion in the eurozone market and fears over the future of the euro. There's a saying that lightning never strikes the same place twice.

  11. The dangers of a more liquid gold market

    For some, gold is the last refuge of the risk-averse investor: the Greek debt crisis has undermined confidence in European sovereign bonds, and volatile foreign exchange markets make even US Treasury notes less attractive to non-US investors.