SEO News

Great Recession

  1. Global SEO Programs Decentralize to Regional Governance Model

    The Great Recession forced a renewed discipline on SEO (and all corporate functions) as budgets tightened and control and efficiency became the key organizing principals. "Give unto Caesar what is Caesar's" was the mantra of the old Roman Empire.

  2. What Role Should the Government Play in Our (Searching) Lives?

    This consistency of volume throughout 2010 would point toward a greater increase in government related searches (most probably driven by the recession and the heated election cycle), as well as the U.S.government's efforts to better establish...

  3. How Much Will Google Bank On U.S. Real Estate Market Recovery?

    This sunny prediction echoes Efrontier's Q1 2010 findings that the US may be creeping out of recession. The Global Search Indicators Report also said that top searches in the first quarter of 2010 included terms centered on first-time home buyers...

  4. The Times of London to Begin Charging Readers for Using its Web Site in June

    And during the worst recession since the Great Depression, branding was seen as nice to have, while traffic was seen as need to keep. News International today announced that two of its publications, The Times and The Sunday Times of London, would...

  5. Profit Optimization: Marry Search Data with Sales to Boost Marketing ROI

    Search marketing has been one of the few advertising channels that has weathered the recession with flying colors. Sure, you have a report that says your expenditure of $10,000 drove 200 conversions, and it's great to point to top-line revenue growth.