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Great Firewall China

  1. Bing Denies Censoring Search Results, Blames 'Glitch'

    All web companies that operate in China have to follow its stringent censorship laws in what is colloquially known as the Great Firewall of China. First, Bing does not apply China's legal requirements to searches conducted outside of China.

  2. Google Stops Warning China Searchers About Dangerous Keywords

    The Chinese government employs what is called the Great Firewall of China, and controls its citizens' use of the internet with a firm hand. Google had been offering users a warning if they searched for terms including "Freedom", and whenever...

  3. Baidu Executives Fly to U.S. For Meeting With Facebook

    The speculation about whether Facebook will penetrate China's great firewall abounds. Would opening up the Great Firewall expose more security issues? Last December, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg traveled to China, including a stop at Baidu's offices.

  4. New York Times Magazine's Deep Look At Google, Censorship & China

    They have to guess -- and so they guess by seeing what web sites are blocked by the Chinese government's own firewall. Overall, it's a great article and definitely helps you understand more about what those in China expect and know about the...

  5. How Google Censors Itself For China & Paid Exclusion As Being Evil

    For a look at what's often referred to as the Great Firewall of China, a BusinessWeek article that we blogged two weeks ago (before this week's news about is worthy of your attention. Declan McCullagh posts an update to his great earlier...