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Great Britain

  1. How to Launch an English Only Global Search Marketing Campaign

    In Britain, a “bonnet” is actually the “hood” of a car (a.k.a.automobile). Targeting expat professionals is a great strategy, not only will you find that these professionals have a longing for English products that aren’t found in their host...

  2. Google UK Honors Architect Sir George Gilbert Scott With Doodle

    The Victorian era architect is credited as being one of the most prolific in Great Britain’s history, having worked on or restored more than 1,000 buildings – projects that included schools, churches, cathedrals, asylums, workhouses, and more.

  3. UK Election 2010: Lessons Learned from Watching First Social Media Battle of Britain

    That's why Great Britain has a hung parliament. Which brings us back to the first social media Battle of Britain. Well, the original Battle of Britain ended up being fought in the air by "the few. So, as I try to figure out some of the lessons...

  4. UK Election 2010: 'Least Well-Kept Secret of Recent Years'

    Okay, so an American's point of view isn't worth a brass farthing in Great Britain, but I like the "unedited" style of the video. But Kate Kaye of ClickZ News and I will be focused on how the digital strategies and tactics popularized by the 2008 U...

  5. Scott Brown beat Martha Coakley on YouTube, too

    How will digital strategies and tactics popularized by the 2008 U.S.presidential election translate to the 2010 election in Britain? And disabling the comments on your YouTube videos doesn't seem to be a great way to engage people.

  6. Mobile Search Training Workshop at SES London 2009

    One of the training workshops should be of particular interest to UK and European marketers - because it is in a field of search that is more advanced in Great Britain and on the Continent than its is back on my side of the pond.

  7. Must We Unlock the Deep Web?

    Gibraltar is a British territory, and resistance to the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine has been high in Britain since a 1998 report in The Lancet speculated that it could cause autism. Nonetheless, as a consequence of dropping vaccination rates...

  8. Countries And Languages

    However, most people in English-speaking countries such as the US and Britain will not have keyboards with these characters. For instance, if you type théâtre using a French keyboard, and your authoring tool leaves it that way in your HTML code...