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  1. A Knowledge Gap Analysis Will Tell You What Web Analytics Can't

    Are they nearing graduation? They tell you where someone went, but not who they were or why they went that way. Designers often place too much emphasis on website analytics to determine what changes to make to improve a website's conversion rates.

  2. Google Releases Think Insights Trend & Research Hub for Marketers

    Google described the site as an "information and resource hub for marketers" in the Official Google Blog post announcing Think Insights' graduation. Google has graduated Think Insights from beta. This tool now compiles real-time data from Google...

  3. Leveraging Facebook Ads for Obscure Charity Donations

    The goal for these ads, in addition to raising awareness, is to encourage donations, so we’ll add an age and graduation qualifier as, statistically speaking, these folks are more likely to have money.

  4. 6 Ways Search Marketers Can Capitalize During Holidays & Seasonally

    If you’re selling on the keyword “video camera,” next spring you should try keywords like “video camera for graduate” or “video camera graduation sale. Which product categories people commonly research during the graduation gifting season and back...

  5. Timing is Everything in Global Search Marketing

    If you sell graduation gifts or run an employment site, you need to adjust your marketing window to accommodate the different seasons in this part of Asia. Most search marketers trying to reach overseas prospects obsess over their keywords...

  6. BitTorrent Search Opens; Ask Jeeves Ads There Actually From Google

    On Tuesday, the US Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property Jon Dudas spoke at a sixth-grade graduation ceremony in Utah and warned the students: The BitTorrent search engine that Wired reported on Monday is now live on the