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  1. 40% of Facebook Users Visit the Site Multiple Times Per Day [Study]

    Pinterest appeals to females; LinkedIn is frequented by college graduates and users with higher income; and Twitter and Instagram are popular with younger adults, urban dwellers, and non-whites. As social media users are diversifying their online...

  2. Find & Hire Talent With LinkedIn Education and the Student Job Portal

    The talent and professionalism of these university graduates was unbelievable. If you're a small business owner or CEO of a growing company and require great talent, look no further than the LinkedIn Education section and Student Job Portal.

  3. Linking From Within: How to Generate Links Through Existing Relationships

    Alumni relations are always hungry for success stories from the graduates. They’ll start asking questions like: Where are my competitor’s backlinks coming from? Can we get the same links? What strategies did they use to generate their links?

  4. Innovate or Die: Where Will SEM (and You) be in 5 Years?

    Most colleges (not just UBC/UCLA and market motive) will have Internet marketing training courses, and will be churning out graduates a dime a dozen. With the current innovation in search engine marketing (SEM) and the seismic shift of offline...

  5. Tools to Monitor Online Reputation Across Different Languages

    Many job seekers and college graduates have already found out the hard way the importance of their online reputations. It only takes moments to post a comment or photo online, but erasing our “digital footprint” can prove almost impossible.

  6. Some Googlers Don't Want Their Kids Using Google Products

    The school backs its methods with high rates of graduates going to college and gaining post graduate degrees - not for an instance thinking it could be the influence of the educated parents who would see this not happening as failure.