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  1. We Love Google, We Love Google Not: 6 SEO-Inspired Valentine's Day Quotes

    But that's the price of getting back into Google's good graces. It's Valentine's week. Love the Hallmark Holiday or hate it, at the very least it's one of the top five times of year to stock up on chocolate candy.

  2. Why Google Will Reject, Block, or Flag Your Data Feed

    Get Back In Google's Good Graces Moreover, Google doesn't always do the best job of communicating why your data feed is getting rejected, blocked, or flagged. If you've gotten in trouble with Google, here are some steps to help you identify why.

  3. Wajam Places Adds More Social Search Results to Google Maps

    Wajam operates in the good graces of Google, though they aren’t affiliated with the search company. Social search engine Wajam has released an update that integrates their location-based social search with a new Google Maps interface.

  4. Really Google? Penalizing Good Sites To Get Some Bad Ones

    He's instituted several changes to get back in Google's graces, such as rejecting more articles, reducing the number of ads per page, and raising the minimum word count. Many innocent sites that may have a few flaws -- the ones a natural site would...

  5. How to Move an AdWords Campaign Without Breaking it

    A good account should gain back its good graces with Google, and bad accounts should suffer the same fate. This is using the term "disarray" lightly. Our initial objective was to consolidate quite a few campaigns, from a number of different AdWords...

  6. The Paid Links Debate Rages On

    To get back into Google's good graces, certainly you can call the developer and tell them that you no longer wish to participate in the sponsorship. I don't see this ending anytime soon. You will hear most ethical SEOs (including me) tell you that...

  7. Your Life, Your Database: MyLifeBits Developer Gordon Bell Profiled in New Article

    It automatically swallows up and indexes e-mails, keystrokes, recorded phone calls, images, video, and every Web page that graces its user's computer's screen. Total Recall, an article in the November issue of IEEE's Spectrum magazine offers a five...