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Gps Phone

  1. Adobe Adds Cloud-Based Mobile Services

    Geo-Location Targeting: Marketers can target mobile app users based on their GPS location and proximity to a point-of-interest such as a retail store, sporting event, or concert venue to offer more personalized user experiences and deliver more...

  2. Facebook Graph Search: How Multi-Location Brands & Local Marketers Can Capitalize

    Local marketing has grown increasingly important in recent years with the proliferation of smartphones, tablets, GPS, and other mobile navigation-enabled devices. When people on the go search for businesses, they typically need directions to the...

  3. 4 Pillars of Consumer and Advertiser Behavior in Retail Mobile Advertising

    Having access to an actual keyboard makes it much easier to type longer keywords, in addition to not having GPS functionality to localize the search. Limited number of paid search ads available via mobile phone.

  4. Augmented Reality (AR): A New World Order - SES San Francisco

    Mobile AR (uses camera capability and GPS relative to your surroundings) The accuracy of GPS is not great (~10 yard margin of error) Quiznos wanted to engage more with their consumers, so they introduced a lot of fun AR activities, including the...