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  1. Bing Denies Censoring Search Results, Blames 'Glitch'

    As part of our commitment to GNI, Microsoft follows a strict set of internal procedures for how we respond to specific demands from governments requiring us to block access to content. Microsoft has been forced to deny that its Bing search engine...

  2. Google, Facebook, Microsoft & Others Join Forces to Fight NSA Spying

    The letter also asks for governments to put in place "sensible limitations" on how they make requests for user information. Governments should limit surveillance to specific, known users for lawful purposes, and should not undertake bulk data...

  3. Google: 25,000 Government Requests for Data in First Half of 2013

    Governments requested data over 25,000 times from Google in the first six months of 2013, the search giant has revealed. Data released by Google as part of its twice-yearly transparency report shows that requests rose from 21,389 to 25,879 between...

  4. 6 Things We Learned From Marissa Mayer and Mark Zuckerberg at TechCrunch Disrupt 2013

    When Mayer was asked "What are you doing to protect us from tyrannical governments? After being here for three days, you could definitely feel the energy spike (and security too) as two influential speakers were set to appear.

  5. 5 New Website Vulnerabilities Straight from Black Hat & DEF CON

    Site security used to be the stuff of big companies and governments, but with so many WordPress users attacked almost daily (and often en masse) and "hacking's" ability to take your site out of your most lucrative SEO positioning, can you afford...

  6. Oklahoma Uses YouTube TrueView Ads to Boost Tourism for a Song [Case Study]

    According to Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin, travel and tourism dollars generate over a billion dollars in annual revenue for Oklahoma's state and local governments and help to support almost 80,000 jobs.

  7. Google, Twitter, LinkedIn Earn Top Ratings on Data Privacy

    Going forward, the EFF said that it hopes social networking sites and web application developers will continue to work to make sure that users are given protections and that data is handled responsibly when working with governments.

  8. Google Reports Surge in Government Takedown Requests

    In more places than ever, we've been asked by governments to remove political content that people post on our services. From July to December 2012 Google received 2,285 government requests to remove content from its platforms, an all-time high.

  9. Why & How Google Hands Over Users' Data to Governments

    Google has followed up last week's transparency report update – which revealed that government requests have risen by 70 percent over the last two years – with a little more information on how it deals with and why it responds to government data...