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Government Censorship

  1. China Blocks Google Ahead of Tiananmen Square 25th Anniversary

    In addition to censorship of material on Google, the Chinese government blocks popular websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. In an effort to keep details hidden from Chinese citizens, government officials have chosen instead to block...

  2. Is Google Sucking the Life Out of Your Identity? Are They Alone?

    The Internet is touted by many to be, of necessity, free and open – invulnerable to tampering, censorship, or control by any single entity. Unless, of course, your viewpoint is that of a government official responsible for controlling the unruly...

  3. Google Transparency Report Adds Details on Subpoenas, Search Warrants, Court Orders

    Google Reveals More Government Search Censorship Requests In their blog announcement, Google released the following stats from July to December 2012: percent of the requests Google received from government entities in the U.S.were through subpoenas.

  4. Google Stops Warning China Searchers About Dangerous Keywords

    The firm ceased issuing the warnings in early December, according to a report from Chinese censorship monitoring group, and has removed supporting information from its about pages. What could be the reason for Google to switch off...

  5. Google Warns Secretive Government Group Could Kill Open Web

    Google has seen itself at the center of a number of government censorship and takedown efforts. The site encourages users to take part in governance efforts and make their voices heard through various campaigns aimed at stopping web censorship and...

  6. Google, Facebook & Amazon Quietly Forming Tech Lobbying Group?

    Facebook has also long fought against government censorship. Google's co-founder Sergey Brin in April applauded the social networking site for its refusal to give in to government censorship. The IA plans to launch sometime this September and will...

  7. Google Reveals More Government Search Censorship Requests

    These requests aren’t always from the usual suspects either; Western democracies not typically associated with censorship are participating in the requested removal of political content, says Google’s Senior Policy Analyst, Dorothy Chou.

  8. SOPA Explained: Why It’s Bad for the Web & How to #StopSOPA

    The apparent inclusion of search blocking, widely regarded as Internet censorship. Smith said in response to the White House’s show of opposition to the bill in its current form, "It is not censorship to enforce the law against foreign thieves.

  9. Google to Protest SOPA on Home Page Tomorrow

    Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt called piracy solutions “draconian” and “censorship. Two bills currently making their way through congress -- SOPA and PIPA -- give the US government and copyright holders extraordinary powers including the...

  10. Indian Government Pressure Facebook, Google, Twitter to Censor Content

    However, Sibal has since denied that he was trying to promote government-led censorship, suggesting instead that it is the duty of social media companies to remove the content. Facebook, Google, Twitter and other web firms are facing pressure from...

  11. Judge Orders ALL Search Engines, Social Networks to De-index Seized Websites

    While there are plenty of legitimate worries to bring up here, I want to remind you that you're probably not as unilaterally opposed to censorship as you think; you're probably just opposed to certain types of censorship.