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  1. 'Let Me Google That For You' Bill Introduced to U.S. Senate

    The bill, sponsored by Senators Tom Coburn and Claire McCaskill, has the purpose "To streamline the collection and distribution of government information" and proposes that the government prioritize searching for information via the Internet.

  2. U.S. Holiday Trends & Forecast: Top Shopping Days, Hot Searches, Mobile Shoppers

    Even government shutdowns can't put a damper on the consumer's plot to shop this holiday season. Overall, retailers are optimistic for the 2013 holiday season, hoping political debates over government spending and the debt ceiling do not erase any...

  3. Twitter Adds Alerts to Help Users During Emergencies, Disasters

    Twitter partner manager for government and politics Bridget Coyne said that a number of organizations have lined up to be part of the Twitter Alerts system, and that these include the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

  4. 6 Things We Learned From Marissa Mayer and Mark Zuckerberg at TechCrunch Disrupt 2013

    Both Mayer and Zuckerberg were asked about the U.S.government in regards to the PRISM scandal. He mentioned that it's the government's job to protect our freedoms as well as the economy and companies, but they did a bad job at balancing those areas.

  5. Google Reports Surge in Government Takedown Requests

    From July to December 2012 Google received 2,285 government requests to remove content from its platforms, an all-time high. Google reported in its bi-annual transparency report that government requested takedowns are up from the first half of last...

  6. Why & How Google Hands Over Users' Data to Governments

    Google has followed up last week's transparency report update – which revealed that government requests have risen by 70 percent over the last two years – with a little more information on how it deals with and why it responds to government data...

  7. Government SEO is Broken

    Creating a Federal Government Agency Keyword Strategy Government Agencies s likely that agencies will have top ranking for core keywords - "brand" terms like the agency name, and closely-related terms like their areas of focus, regulation, and...

  8. SEMPO Appeals to FTC for Updated Search Engine Disclosure Guidelines

    Their current letter to FTC Chair Jon Leibowitz reiterates their position from last November: “Search is not a government-run utility, established by law and thus subject to bureaucratic oversight. As we have publicly stated previously, the search...

  9. Google Reveals More Government Search Censorship Requests

    Google is alarmed by government requests to remove political content from search results, fearing that free expression may be at risk. We hope this tool will be helpful in discussions about the appropriate scope and authority of government requests.

  10. Google NSA Relationship Secrecy Continues Despite Courts Efforts

    NSA refused to confirm or deny a relationship between the two, arguing that this could make the U.S.government and its information systems potentially vulnerable to attacks. It was suggested that the Chinese government may have instigated them...

  11. Google Blames FCC for Street View Investigation Delays

    Google today filed a 17-page response to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), accusing the government agency of causing delays that slowed down the Street View Wi-Fi data grab investigation and resulted in Google paying a $25,000 fine.

  12. Google Forfeiture: Government Splits $500 Million

    The $230 million is split according to how much time and resources each agency put into the investigation. Select Rhode Island law enforcement agencies are about to beef up their training, equipment and investigative budgets.

  13. SEMPO Tells Government: Don't Censor Search Engines

    No government agency could possibly keep up. How can a government agency possibly know what information an individual needs or wants and whether it is being satisfactorily delivered,and how can any government not of the totalitarian variety have...