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Government Accountability Office

  1. 'Let Me Google That For You' Bill Introduced to U.S. Senate

    A review of NTIS in 2012 by the Government Accountability Office found that 74 percent of its work could be achieved with a few mouse clicks, and of those, 95 percent of the results were free of charge to the end user, and therefore the taxpayer.

  2. Linden Lab Changes How it Communicates With Users -- To What End?

    Now, with the new rules, it's even easier for the Lab to ignore the issues reported in the JIRA, as there's no real accountability for any of it anymore. That's the idea behind their new proposal of "focus groups" which seeks to replace the...

  3. Google, Verizon Outline 7-Point Proposal Towards An Open Web

    They also called on a closer federal look on the broadband market place, pleading that "the Government Accountability Office would be required to report to Congress annually on developments in the wireless broadband marketplace, and whether or not...

  4. How The US Department of Justice May Analyze Search Data & Freedom Of Information Act Request For Disclosure

    They could have simply come up with their own list of terms to check, just as the US Government Accountability Office did last year when it wanted to test porn filtering in image search. I also cc'd Philip Stark, who is the government witness in...

  5. Full Text Reports from the Congressional Research Service on Internet Privacy, Net Technology, and Protecting Children from "Unsuitable Material"

    In the first blog post listed above, Danny points to this post where we link to a Government Accountability Office (GAO) report published in June. If you're interested in researching and learning more about U.S.

  6. The Truth About Big Brother Databases

    Other federal laws also provide some protections: e.g.the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (school records), the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (medical records), the Privacy Act (data collected by government agencies).