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Google Youtube Privacy Policy

  1. Google AdWords for Video Launches with Improved Targeting on YouTube

    What does the new Google privacy policy, YouTube and Trueview metrics all have in common? Interest/Topic Targeting - Not a new feature per se, but with Google's all-in-one privacy policy now applicable to YouTube, interest/topic targeting is likely...

  2. Last Ditch Efforts to Halt New Google Privacy Policy

    The privacy policy change mainly affects users with a Google Account, and you can continue to use many of our services — including Search, Maps and YouTube — when you are logged out. Even as users remain ignorantly blissful, last-ditch efforts...

  3. Google Privacy Policy: 36 Attorneys General Express Strong Concerns

    No, this isn't about its app privacy policy  or browser tracking, though lately it seems like you need a scorecard to keep track of all the privacy issues Google is dealing with at the moment. The move will consolidate the privacy policy for all...

  4. Privacy Group Sues FTC to Stop New Google Privacy Policy

    Federal Trade Commission in the hopes of stopping the new Google privacy policy, which is set to become effective March 1. Google announced plans to consolidate more than 60 policies into one “simplified” easy-to-read privacy policy, that Google...

  5. Google Won't Pause New Privacy Policy - Should They Have To?

    Questions over Google’s new privacy policy continue despite their best efforts to quell fears. Should Google Bow to EU Pressure to Pause the New Privacy Policy Launch? The problem we seem to see over and over with privacy and other Internet-related...

  6. Pot (Microsoft) Calls Kettle (Google) Black on Privacy

    Meanwhile, the Washington Post continues to stir the crazy with sensationalistic headlines about Google's privacy policy. their latest is “Google’s new search services and privacy policy have some calling for a boycott.

  7. New Google Privacy Policy Combines User Data From All Google Services

    Google is reducing more than 60 privacy policies for all its products (, YouTube, Gmail, Calendar), down to one main “simplified” easy-to-read policy as of March 1. A new unified Google privacy policy is coming in March.