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  1. Search News & Headlines Around the Web - May 13, 2011

    Alibaba to Yahoo: There Wasn't a Board Vote, But We Told You So - All Things Digital Microsoft Close To A Big Search Deal With Baidu, Says Chinese Press - Business Insider Daily Budget Option Changes are Now Live in Microsoft Advertising adCenter...

  2. 50 Most Memorable Moments in Search for 2008

    Board Investor Carl Icahn wasn't happy with Yahoo's rejection of Microsoft's generous offer, so he threatened a hostile takeover of his own for the annual shareholders meeting. Carl Icahn Threatens Yahoo with Hostile Takeover of Board, Later Agrees...

  3. Yahoo's Next Move

    Yahoo was arguably swirling the bowl before Yang took on the CEO role, and mark my words: a panicked board installing a doormat leader will have Yahoo stock trading by the penny in no time flat. Sure, we can second-guess the Microsoft acquisition...

  4. Regulators to Prevent Google from Bailing Out Yahoo?

    Washington is on a bailout binge lately, so you would think they'd hop on board when it looks like the private sector could actually manage to work things out on their own. Like, I don't know, the search advertising deal between Google and Yahoo.

  5. Google Learns to Navigate Washington the Hard Way

    Even the Latino Farmers and Ranchers have climbed on board the opposition bandwagon. Meanwhile, Microsoft knows how the machine works, and they've been keeping it well oiled in order to influence groups to opposed the Google-Yahoo deal.

  6. Yahoo's Latest Letter to Shareholders: We'll Sell for $33 Per Share

    Your Board of Directors believes strongly that the Icahn-Microsoft agenda -as presented to us jointly last week - will destroy stockholder value at Yahoo! But he didn't do enough due diligence to determine what your Board already knew: that it was...