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  1. SearchDay: Google AdWords Editor a Great Tool for Content

    If you're looking for more advice from David, you can find it via his brand-spanking-new podcast airing on beginning today, "PPC Rockstars. PPC Advice, Podcast StylePosted by Kevin NewcombIf you're interested in pay-per-click...

  2. The Other PR that influences search ranking

    A good press release with the links, podcast and video gor picked up in some major media sites. The podast was registered at podcast sites. When you understand that Google's PageRank and "links as votes" system is basically a PR model of third...

  3. Search Headlines & Links: September 13, 2006

    Podcast: Google News Archive, Sitelinks, AdWords Preview, Search Pulse Explore banned books, Google Book Search Google: Google: Google's blogging (and here) about how it is supporting the 25th anniversary of the American Library Association's...