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  1. How to Detect and Deal With Toxic Content (That Could Poison Your Entire Site)

    In fact, Google continues to dial up the importance of quality content and user engagement signals and is only ramping up the frequency of Panda Updates and refreshes. Examples would be special offer pages with expired dates, old job listings...

  2. Google Reveals New AdWords Features: App Ads, 'Enterprise' Tools, & More

    Finally, Google will offer enterprise-class workflow, reporting, and optimization tools for AdWords. As a result, Google last year launched estimated total conversions to measure conversions across multiple devices.

  3. Ecommerce Product Pages: How to Fix Duplicate, Thin & Too Much Content

    The redirects will also help Google sort out the true version of your product page, and can help with any potential crawl budget issues. Add self-referential canonical tags (rel="canonical") Note: this may help Google distinguish original from...

  4. SEO in the Age of Apps: Diversifying Your Mobile SEO Strategy

    Hence, Google+ Local is a key discovery pathway and deserves special mobile SEO consideration. All the SEO basics matter here in terms of getting your branded content indexed by Google and other engines (e.g.special attention to keyword strategy...