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Google Space Ames

  1. Google to Build New Offices at NASA

    NASA has agreed to Google's plans to build a 1.2 million square foot office complex at the Ames Research Center near its Mountain View, California headquarters. This isn't the only agreement Google has with the government space program.

  2. Tax Assessor Wants Google To Pay Property Taxes Even Though New Facility Will Be on Federal Land

    We've blogged several items about the new Googleplex and Google/NASA relationship that's we be built on NASA Ames property in Mountain View. According to a San Jose Mercury News article: Assessor will try to make Google pay property taxes, the...

  3. Meet The B2B Search Engines

    Google expected to build campus at NASA Ames 1 million-square-foot complex. He said, "In the Business to business space, we know that users are basically doing one of two things online. He said, "Compared to Google and Yahoo Search,