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  1. SOPA Explained: Why It’s Bad for the Web & How to #StopSOPA

    Still, said the Electronic Freedom Foundation, the Manager’s Amendment was no compromise. If there is, for some absurd reason, a competitor’s complaint about content or media found on your client’s site or in their domain somehow, could your client...

  2. Search Engine Submission 101, Part 2

    I am not advocating that the methods in Part 1 are the best way to communicate with search engines, but attempted to help you understand how basic site submission works, and to build a foundation to introduce new methods and tools.

  3. A message from Becky Ryan - Social Queen of SES San Jose

    What: IMCharity We are going to be raising money for 2 great causes - The Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundation and the Childrens Hospital. The site of thousands give can give you that tingly feeling, but not when you at the end of the line

  4. The Big Picture - Well-Rounded SEM for SMBs, Part 1

    SEO is a discipline that has a foundation in a variety of factors. The three we talked about today lay a great foundation – but there's so much more to having a rounded strategy. Off-site, you need to worry about the almighty link – is it relevant...

  5. What's In Your Travel Tool Bag?

    Once you've built the foundation of a community on the quality of information, only then are you in a position to market to this core user group. Most online marketers have a bag of tools to reach for when faced with mission-critical tasks: keyword...

  6. Search Headlines & Links: March 25, 2008

    Google, Yahoo & MySpace Team Up for OpenSocialYahoo, MySpace and Google have pledged their support to open standards for social media development and data by joining together to form the OpenSocial Foundation.

  7. Publisher Groups To Test New Search Engine Rights Management System (Updated)

    International DOI Foundation. Newspaper publisher A would like all search engines to index his site, but only search engines X, Y and Z may display articles (because they have paid a royalty) on their news pages, and then only for 30 days.

  8. EFF Asks FTC To Limit How Long AOL Can Store Search Records

    The Electronic Frontier Foundation has asked the US In fact, we call this out on our site: if you click on the link next to our search box that says "about EFF's search," you'll see a pop-up that says "EFF uses Google for search functionality on...