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Google Searches Trends Search Flu

  1. Flu Wars: Microsoft's New H1N1 Site, Google Flu Trends Expands

    Meanwhile, Google has expanded their flu trends to include 16 additional countries. Instead, Google uses CDC data to corroborate flu-related search terms. Microsoft and Google are both promoting their flu sites this week; here's the lowdown:

  2. Google Begins Health Search Experiment

    You may remember last year when Google launched Flu Trends. The tool used search trends to help determine where the flu was rearing its ugly head. Of course, with the latest public health problem being the swine flu, providing trends wouldn't be so...

  3. Top news searches differ from top web searches

    Bird flu Here are the top searches in 2006 on Google News: paris Hilton orlando bloom cancer podcasting hurricane katrina bankruptcy martina hingis autism nfl draft celebrity big brother 2006 Now, compare the list above with the one below for the...