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  1. Promote Yourself: 5 Rules for Career Success From Dan Schawbel

    Whether you're interviewing for a job, looking for venture capital funding, or prepping for a date, the likelihood of the other party doing a Google search for you is immense. You can learn to code for free or learn anything from web design to...

  2. SEO in the Age of Apps: Diversifying Your Mobile SEO Strategy

    Google Goggles: The Goggles experience is improving rapidly in the wake of Glass and it's obvious that as image recognition becomes more refined and wearable technology more readily available, users are bound to become more reliant on visual search.

  3. Can the SEO-PR Love Affair Survive After Panda & Penguin?

    For starters, it lets those who create the web’s content (author's note: this could mean press release content) claim that content by allowing them to add their name and image next to the byline of their articles, blogs, (press releases) etc.

  4. Superfish Debuts ShapeRank for Visual Search; Near Matches More Exciting Than Exact

    Visual search, done right, is more than simply the image search feature on Google, Bing or Yahoo. ShapeRank allows users to go beyond exact image matching and identify images that are visually similar and sort them by relevance in their web searches.

  5. Nomenclature: The Industry Case For and Against SEO

    SEO has never meant to me ‘get traffic from Google web search,’ though I’ve seen plenty of people who’ve taken it this way," Sullivan said. Nevertheless, search is a constant on the web, even in social media environments where recommendation is the...