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  1. Social Media Madness - The Final Four

    In August 2006, signed a $900 million dollar deal with Google to be the exclusive search provider. Google deal expires next year. Key Losses: The technology isn't the most user friendly. Key losses: A poor technology platform has limited...

  2. Yahoo Google Deal: Yahoo Adds AdWords Search Deal

    Yahoo signed a new advertising deal with Google that will face antitrust scrutiny during the next 90 days or so. The deal, which will not be executed until regulatory review is completed, will allow Yahoo to display some ads sold by Google.

  3. Google Faces Patent Infringement Lawsuit Over Google Talk

    We also learned last week that, if certain conditions are met Google Talk users will be able to chat with AOL Instant Messenger users as part of the new AOL/Google deal. I've posted the full text (38 pages; PDF) of the complaint filed by Rates...