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Google Search Results Testing Query Refinement

  1. Daily SearchCast, April 6, 2006: Google Makes Middle Of Page Refinement Experiment Official; Search Marketing Magazine Coming; Search Technologists Talk & More!

    Today's search podcast covers Google saying that its middle-of-the-page query refinement experiment is officially part of regular search results now; a search marketing magazine is coming; two good interviews with search technologists and more!

  2. Google Recipes! Google Careers! Google Confusion! The UI Madness Continues

    Half-a-year of testing middle of the page query refinement, and you still don't know if you want to do it? It's an experiment at query refinement. Middle Of The Page Refinement: This is where Google inserts into the middle of the page results...

  3. Daily SearchCast, Aug. 19, 2005: Mamma Loves Copernic, iVillage Loves Yahoo Ads, Cuban Hates Google Blog Spam & A 3rd Ad Atop Google Results

    More Testing Of Middle Of The Page Query Refinement At Google on Google showing query refinement suggestions in the middle of its search results. Google as an ad partner, a click fraud case study, and how Google is adding more ads to the top of...