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  1. How Personalizing Websites With Dynamic Content Increases Engagement

    Cookie Value (can be customized based on pages visited or time on site) Updating your site with new content isn't enough to successfully drive web sales. You have to create dynamic web experiences that quickly encourage customers to convert.

  2. 7 Content Marketing Tips to Recover From Google Penguin

    Bad blogs pull users off of your sales pages and then scare them off of your site. A Google search for the exact phrase "buries Bentley" currently turns up 2,480 results. While link removal may help and is often necessary, what Google really wants...

  3. An Integrated Marketing Blueprint to Grow Sales & ROI in 2014

    Today's "perpetually connected" consumers are known to consume the web across multiple devices, as reported in The New Multi-Screen World Study by Google. Marketers must shift their thinking from keywords to context when developing pages, posts...